2017 the winner of the contest by Cartier: Juste Un Clou (Paris, Moscow)

2017 merit award in "iJungle Illustration Award", illustration category

2017 shortlisted in Pattern Design contest by Apple Store

2018 the winner of Costume design contest for a theater Shalom

2015 published in "Steam Punk, the Art of Retro Futurism", Dopress Books

2016 published in Chois Gallery Vol. 37, China - San Fransisco

2016 published in design magazine PAREDRO, Spain

2017 illustrated "French People in the Russian Empire: Good and Bad", Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie

In 2012, the final annual exhibition, Art-Play, Moscow

In 2013, Body Machine exhibition, Art-Play, Moscow

In 2014, at a costume design exhibition entitled "Subspecies", Flacon, Moscow

In 2014, the final annual exhibition, Costumesa&Book Design, Art-Play, Moscow

In 2014, Moscow City Festival, September, Moscow

In 2015, the Festival of Illustration "Mors", Art-Play, Moscow

In 2016, Christmas Fair, Flacon, Moscow

In 2017, the exhibition dedicated to winners of Cartier contest "Juste Un Clou", Strelka, Moscow

In 2018, Illustration Winter Fair by House of Illustration, King's Cross, London

In 2019, the auction-exhibition "ArtLitFond", Vinzavod, Moscow
For me the quintessence of Art, its lapis philosophorum was expressed many centuries ago by Horace. Painters and poets alike have always had lisense to dare anything, he says.
If I dare to speak about my personal preferences I will be lost in the prodigious fields. Shortly, my imagination is watered by history, literature and costumes , all those intricate and gone forever things, being covered with patina and mystery. All what is kept in its hidden cul-de-sac which full of stories.

2017 победитель конкурса Cartier "Juste Un Clou"

2017 шорт-лист дизайна оформления для Re:Store

2017 лауреат конкурса книжной иллюстрации «I Jungle Awards» категория «Книга»
2018 победитель конкурса костюмов для театра Шалом, Москва


2015 публикация в книге «The Art of Retro Futurism», Dopress books.

2016 публикация в Chois Gallery Vol. 37, China - San Fransisco

2016 публикация в художественном журнале PAREDRO, Spain

2017 иллюстратор книги «Французы полезные и вредные: надзор за иностранцами при Николае I» В. Мильчиной, Новое Литературное Обозрение

2012, Финальная ежегодная выставка, Артплей, Москва

2013, выставка Body Machine, Артплей, Москва

2014, выставка костюмов "Подвиды", Флакон, Москва

2014, Финальная Ежегодная выставка, костюмы и книги, Артплей, Москва

2014 Московский городской фестиваль, персональная выставка

2015 фестиваль иллюстрации "Морс"

2016 Рождественская ярмарка , Флакон

2017 выставка Juste Un Clou. Стрелка, Москва

2018 участие в Ярмарке Иллюстраторов от House of Illustration, Лондон, Кингс-Кросс.

2019, выставка-аукцион, Винзавод.

Drawing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; I've always been an artist. Even in childhood, I would cover everything, every surface I could find, with images pulled straight from the imagination.
In 2009, I had a bit of a crisis of conscience, I began to doubt myself, and lost believe in my ability to pursue art as a viable, long-term career.

So I pivoted and began to devote serious study to history and linguistics. Ultimately, this worked to benefit, since this broader knowledge base and pool of experience has impacted and influenced my artistic output and range in many positive ways.

In 2015, after returning again to my true passion, I graduated from the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, as a specialist in Illustration.

At present, I work as a freelance artist, contracting myself out to publishing houses, designing costumes for theatrical performances, and pursuing my own individual creative projects, among other endeavors.

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